Educational Capacity Strengthening for Risk Managment of Non-native Aquatic Species in Western Balkans - RiskMan




Partner Description : “Alb-Adriatico2013” ltd was founded in 18.04.2013. Its activity is based on growing and selling fresh fish of aquaculture, represented mainly by sea bream and sea bass. Since the beginning of the company, it has improved and transformed into one of the biggest aquaculture companies in Albania. Furthermore, all the activities performed in this company are in accordance with all the updated European standards, both in the sea and in land.

Our staff members have many years of experience in the field of fish farming and marketing, and they are highly qualified based on all aspects of the work.

We have implemented all the necessary new technologies in order to maximize the quality of our fish, and at the same time to minimize the impact on the environment

Our farm is located in the bay of Vlora, on the peninsula of Karaburun, only 3 km north to the ancient town of Orik. The location is one of the best in the Albanian cost. Due to the vast area of the bay, the conditions are similar to the open sea with excellent parameters – high oxygen levels and ideal temperatures, alongside the protection provided by the bay and keeping the cages and the fish safe.

Role in The Project: The staff of the Partner Country Institution Alb-Adriatico 2013 will be involved in all the activities of the Project. Together with the Associate partners Hatko and Halder, they will represent the fisheries/aquaculture sector working together to the NGOs and academic world toward the implementation of a Management Plan in accordance with the need of the sector. They will assist the AUT on data providing related to aquaculture and the interactions with the NN species during the WP2 by installing all the monitoring equipment close the farm to collect data to find correlations between climate change and the abundance/presence of NN aquatic species. They staff of Alb-Adriatico 2013 will collaborate to the workshops organizations the divers and technicians will assist the AUT and ACEPSE during WP4 (Development) providing all the specimens during the training workshops and research purposes by doing all the relative analyses in the laboratory of the Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries.