Educational Capacity Strengthening for Risk Managment of Non-native Aquatic Species in Western Balkans - RiskMan

RiskMan Project

RiskMan Project

RiskMan Project is an ERASMUS+ CBHE Project funded by the EACEA within the 2020 programThe project aims to promote the education of stakeholders and high education in the field of risk assessment of Non-Native Aquatic Species and to stimulate research and cooperation on the management of Aquatic Non-Native Species in the Western Balkan Region.

The RiskMan Consortium consists of 13 Partners

Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University (Turkey - Coordinator) of Palermo (Italy) Institute Ohrid (North Macedonia)

Ekomenlog (North Macedonia)

University of Zagreb (Croatia) Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development (Albania)

ALB ADRIATICO 2013 (Albania)

Agricultural University of Tirana (Albania) of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

University of Montenegro (Montenegro)

iSea (Greece)

University of Bihać (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

University College of Business (Albania)