Educational Capacity Strengthening for Risk Managment of Non-native Aquatic Species in Western Balkans - RiskMan

Pilot test in Sarajevo March 13-18 2022

Pilot test in Sarajevo March 13-18 2022

A pilot test for the three suggested courses on Risk Management of Aquatic NNS has been carried out in Sarajevo at the Faculty of Science of UNISA from March 13-18 2022. Students and academic staff from UNISA, UNBI, AUT and UoM have participated to the Pilot test together with the staff of the programme Countries who have joined the pilot test (hibrid online and face to face) to evaluate the activities. The following selected topics of the 3 new courses were proposed as frontal lessons to the participant students:

1-Biological Characteristics of Invasive Invertebrate Species, Freshwater and Marine (Course 1)

2-General characteristics of aquatic organisms (Course 1)

3-“Economic impacts of invasive species” (Course 2)

4-“Introduction to Risk assessment tools AS-ISK” (Course 3)

5-“Introduction to Risk Assessment Tools – MaxEnt (Course 3)

Below some pictures of the activities in Sarajevo


Outcomes and experiences from the pilot testing were analyzed for further use and to provide suggestions/comments useful for the next academic years and to try to adapt the new courses to the Partner Countries Higher Education Institutions’ criteria. For this, during the frontal lessons made within the pilot test in UNISA Training evaluation and participants’ feedback forms were collected.